Passing on an opportunity to help AND get yourself a great little pattern


I received this email from Bumblebee Acres – some great indie dyers!  It struck me as something that might be of interest to you as well.  I get nothing in return for passing this on, except a warm fuzzy feeling. I confess that not only did I buy the pattern, but I also bought a tiny amount of yarn which I think is waiting for me at the PO today.  More soft squishy mail!

If you are able, I know that Sam would really appreciate your support.  If you aren’t able, no worries, I understand.

(edited to add) And just to let you know a little bit more about it, here is a link to another blog post sharing the same plea – but from someone who knows the family and the business, The Knitting Sarah.

Hello All My Fiber Friends!
This is Sam Bee here, writing to you to…

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Some Different Nuno Felt Scarves

Felting and Fiber Studio

Here are a couple more scarves I made for the recent Winter fair. I think apart from the Burgundy/Pink/Orange/Yellow one I showed last week, they were all nuno-felt scarves. Both of these were made with 18.5 mic Merino and hand dyed cotton scrim. I embellished this first one with hand dyed bamboo top:

I don’t know if you remember the nuno scarf sample I made and showed a few weeks ago using irregular pieces of scrim, but I wanted to do a few variations of that. I first cut a strip of subtley variegated lemon/yellow scrim to size, then cut the strip into roughly even pieces and re-arranged them before adding the Merino on top:

That one used similarly sized pieces, but this next one used more irregular shapes. I didn’t want to make the overall shape of the scarf quite as irregular as the sample though, just more…

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Christmas CAL, WIP and new yarn review!

The Wee House Of Crochet

Well can you believe that’s our second CAL complete, well almost! @lyndascraftroom May have a bonus pattern ready to be released on Friday! And then I might just have one for the week after!

We’ve had some fabulous finished blanket pics getting posted, just so lovely to see!

Some people went for the original Knitcraft colourways but many have chosen their own and they’re all just fabulous!

I’ve been ever so good lately, I’ve finished some wip just in time for Christmas and I am getting close the end of my list, then and only then will I allow myself to get stuck into my primavera blanket.

I finished simply crochet magazine issue 63 gingerbread jumper. (Simply Crochet is Fab for patterns, they’ve an offer on for a fiver, look to the right!) I have to admit, this project did bore me, purely because it was mainly DC’s all the…

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WIP Wednesday – Diamond lace kimono

Emma's Craft Projects

Happy Wednesday readers!

I have to say it’s been a bit hard to knit or crochet today, as it’s been super hot in Melbourne! But I realised that there is a project I have yet to share with you.

A little while back, I may have mentioned that my lovely nana sent some yarn in a parcel and I have decided to follow the current fashion and use it to make a lacy kimono. I feel like kimonos have been everywhere this season, and I’m very happy to me making one (which I probably won’t use until autumn, but that’s okay!).

The pattern I’m following is a free pattern by Kaitlin Blasing from Originally Lovely. I love this pattern, the only issue is that the gauge was a bit confusing to me. It read 16 stitches = 10 cm , but I’m not sure how many rows, or even if that…

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A quick update


First off – so many thanks to those of you who bought a mug cozy pattern to support Sam  of Bumble Bee Fiber Farm’s insulin pump.  You blog readers and knitters are amazing people.

I am sort of amazed that I DID get everything made last week that had to be made.  Christmas cards and presents were delivered on Saturday, hat order was delivered on time, though damp.  🙂  I realized I would see the coworker who had ordered it the day after I finished knitting it, so I soaked it and blocked it and delivered it to her in a towel.  I figured it could dry at her house as well as at mine, and then she would have it all ready to ship when it suited her.


The carol sing was so much fun – very different this year – the weather had an impact, but not the one we…

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Winding Down Just a Little Early


It’s only Thursday, but I am sowinding down on this week already. I still have all the normal stuff to do — school and making sure all the normal house stuff gets done, but the extra appointments and commitments (save for an oil change tomorrow, but I’m just choosing to not count that) are checked off the list. It feels utterly tremendous.

So yes, like so many, we’ve been busy and that’s why I’ve been missing from my normal online haunts. It’s been all good stuff. I’ve mentioned that we’ve been volunteering at the local light show — the Rotary club in town bedecks the entire zoo in 1.5million Christmas lights. Holiday music is piped throughout the park and certain days they offer sleigh rides and live music. It’s called “Winter Wonderland” and it really, truly is. Entry to the park is free, but donations of non-perishable…

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Pattern for a Little Crocheted Sail…

Coastal Crochet

About a month ago I found a little piece of driftwood on the beach that looked very much like the hull of a boat!

IMG_1358I picked it up, brought it home and of course I crocheted a little sail for it! 🙂 This was such a spontaneous, quick and simple project but so effective and it now hangs on a little bit of wall space in our kitchen…

img_1367I posted this photo on my Instagram account and it was a really popular photo! Proof that you really don’t need elaborate or complicated creations to inspire people and inject a little creativity…simple is so often best!

I have since found another piece of driftwood…

IMG_2260As you can see it’s very small at only 6cm across. So to make a sail for this I used some thin cotton thread and a 1.75mm hook…

IMG_2315You can see the size difference between the two…

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The Art of Standing Still


As many of you know, we are birdwatchers. One of the reasons my husband was initially drawn to our new home was the aerial view online showed that it had a very wooded lot. To birdwatchers, the cover of trees often means bird life and that was exciting for us. Upon moving in, my husband took up the job of setting up feeders for the yard — one of his first jobs was at a store that specialized in wild bird feeders and food, so he’s our resident expert. Throughout the summer we had a lot of very cool visitors to the yard and the feeder situation evolved as different species would show up.

While we do fill feeders in summer we are on the go a lot and there is an abundance of food in nature, so I’m not always super on top of the job. I try to…

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4th Quarter Challenge Part 2

Felting and Fiber Studio

I felted the Prefelt and Fibre paper Suprematist pieces that I showed you last time. I think the pieces shifted a bit, but this is the first one:

It didn’t have much texture after felting and is quite flat. The colours didn’t blend where they overlapped, but the underneath colour migrated through at the edges:

For some reason the burgundy piece was a lot fuzzier on the edges:

I did alter the second coloured one slightly, I noticed all the triangular shapes were pointing in the same direction on the same angle.

This piece was mostly flat too, the only part which isn’t is at the bottom where I used a piece of the white which is thicker/heavier prefelt:

The white piece was far more interesting before felting:

You can see from an angled photo the different textures, colours and shine better:

A close up:

The different…

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